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"Asymmetric symmetry" - exclusive photo edition

Lots of us are drawn to beauty sometimes. One finds his share of beauty in his own things: what's closer by knowledge or feelings.

This site was created for those, who like the still moments, displayed on the photos, their energy, events memory, tangibility and warmth.

The photos happen to be shot not the way you like, but it comes obvious when the moment's gone and the second shot is impossible to be done. The photo may be burned up too light or lack brightness, someone might occasionaly be shut down by unneeded object, the background may seem not to feet the entire image, etc. But we still want to print a fully remarkable shot, which would reflect the desired aspect of what we saw, while shooting.

Photographs, like life itself, may encompass more than meets the eye on the first glance.

For those, who want to turn their shot into an unsusual, unique image, there's a possibility to order his(her) photo edition in "photo-art" style with the notes of desirable changes in it or giving the designer total freedom to choose the changes himself. The finished artwork will be an utter thing to looak at, for you and your relatives.

Your place may be decorated not only by a respective photo in a flashy frame, but also by a drawing, suitable for the interior by its forms, expressive character or theme.

If you want to glassify the abstract drawing, which's to your liking, or the one, you would order exclusively for yourself, you should visit the original abstract curves page. Those unearthly lines, containing different meaning for everyone may not just be gorgeous decore elements, but they may also add an unusual streak of style and riddle into a futuristically edited photo.

But if the fantasies don't fit the case and it's about to fully save the exact things, that the light drawn on your photo, you can submit the total "revival" of your photo: color correction, correction of brightness/contrast, retouch, despeckle and noise reduction job, montage touches to exclude the unneeded or unfitting element or the addition of the lost one (e.g. something, that was shut down by the unexpected object, is still desirable on the shot and is missing on it, but it can be taken from the other photos that did catch the element, needed to restore).

The services of revival of partially or fully missed elements on photo, insertion of missing objects, deletion of unwanted ones, the global retouch and correction are free for you to order.

One can restore the scuffed old black-and-white photo up to the fresh and colored or vice versa one can cover the modern photo with dust and scratches of "wrinkles of time" and desaturate it, giving an image an unusual look.

If you happen to have questions about the photoarts, drawings, related services or questions about this site, you can e-mail us, using this adress or contact us via ICQ on the 155877018 number.

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